«Get Going!» 2021

opens new perspectives

The idea of «Get Going!» is based on the philosophy of «making it possible».

As part of its 2018 funding policy renewal, FONDATION SUISA grants four annual «Get Going!»-contributions.

«Get Going!» consists of a start-up financing. 

«Get Going!» should be accessible to as many musically creative people as possible. Musicians should be restricted as little as possible in their creative ideas.

«Get Going!» 2021: Call for applications

Get Going!» goes into the fourth round

The call for applications is intended to be broadly open and deliberately avoids the usual categories of musical genre, age or project.

Applications may be submitted by authors and musicians who can demonstrate a clear connection with the current Swiss or Liechtenstein music making.

Please note that:

  • We will NOT accept any additional documents, neither in electronic form nor as hard copies.
  • We shall NEITHER engage in any correspondence NOR give any information by phone about the selection procedure and the jury’s final decision.
  • The jury, consisting of four members, will evaluate the applications and make the final selection. The substance and originality of the applicant's submission will play a decisive role in the selection.
  • If necessary, the jury may request further information.

To apply:

You have until 30.08.2021 to fill out the online form below:

«Get Going!» 2021⎪APPLICATION FORM (in German, French or Italian)

In the course of autumn 2021, the jury will consider the submitted dossiers.  You will then receive feedback on your application. 

We look forward to your participation!


by moxi