«Carte Blanche»

The "Carte Blanche", worth CHF 80,000, is not open to public tender, but awarded directly by an expert jury. The "Carte Blanche" is intended to enable the beneficiary to concentrate fully on his/her musical work and artistic development over a longer period of time.

Cécile Marti
receives the «Carte Blanche» 2018/2019

Foto ⓒSuzie Maeder

In recent years, Cécile Marti has earned an excellent reputation in Switzerland with her orchestral and chamber music works. For example, her orchestral cycle "Seven Towers", in 7 parts and for 120 musicians, was premiered in 2016 by SOBS in Biel. Parts of it have been played by the Berne Symphony Orchestra, the Geneva Camerata and the Sinfonietta Basel since its creation. At the same time, Marti was awarded a doctorate with a thesis dealing with the musical course of time. The "Carte Blanche" now enables her to place the initiated research in this field in an artistic context. The researched time courses are to be made visible with the help of a ballet and in sculptural form (Marti is also a stone sculptor). The jury writes: "Her approach perfectly meets the criteria for the Carte Blanche: Cécile Marti pursues a variety of artistic forms of expression in order to further develop the research she has initiated. The high quality of both her musical and sculptural works and the approach she has in mind of music becoming visible and her intend to build bridges deserve substantial financial support."


by moxi