Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg

The four-day Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg has been running since 2006. With its numerous fringe events, it has since then morphed into an important music professionals' meeting point.

FONDATION SUISA and Swiss Music Export have been offering Swiss Music a stage for business, contacts and show cases at the Reeperbahn Festival for years. On the Swiss Day (always on a Friday), the spotlight is focussed on the Swiss creative music business during the international music festival in Hamburg.

Reeperbahn Festival Conference Digital 2020

The Reeperbahn Festival's 2020 conference programme was held exclusively online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore the Swiss Business Mixer could not take place this year.

On 4 August 2020 the Reeperbahn Festival informed that the entire conference part of this year's edition was moved online, while the festival part with its live concerts was held on site. This was the organisers' reaction to the latest security regulations by Hamburg's authorities against the spread of the Corona virus.

This also meant that the Swiss Business Mixer - the traditional networking event by Swiss Music Export and FONDATION SUISA with Swiss live music - could unfortunately not take place this year. Neither were we able to offer a discount on conference tickets.

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Reeperbahn Festival Conference Digital


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