Demotape Clinic

A springboard for a career in music

The Demotape Clinic is one of the largest promotion projects for budding Swiss pop music talents. It takes place every year as part of the m4music popmusic Festival, organized by the Migros Culture Percentage. FONDATION SUISA is its main partner.

Demotape Clinic 2022

Migros cultural Percentage and FONDATION SUISA are this year again looking for the best up-and-coming Swiss songs of ambitious bands and artists.

A selection of the most thrilling tracks from the four categories pop, rock, lyrics & beats and electronic will be presented on 25 and 26 March 2022 at the m4music Festival in Zurich. Music professionals are going to give the musicians a direct feedback.

There are FONDATION SUISA Awards to be won, coming with a value of CHF 17.000, as well as radio-airplay and the attention of the Swiss music scene. The winners will also benefit from the  coaching programme "Double" of the Migros Culture Percentage.

The registration deadline for the Demotape Clinic 2022 was 16 January 2022. Thank you for your participation!


More information (only DE or FR):  m4music: Demotape Clinic

Participation conditions

BATBAIT with «In Fiction»
Demo of the Year & FONDATION SUISA Award 2021, category Rock

The 24ᵉ edition of m4music, the pop music festival of the Migros Culture Percentage, celebrated Swiss music creation for three days with almost 1000 accredited professionals and many music lovers.

Demo of the Year 2021

At the m4music virtual edition 2021, the FONDATION SUISA Award in the category Rock was given to the Zurich native BATBAIT for his song «In Fiction», who also won the main prize Demo of the Year, coming with CHF 5.000 prize money.


The FONDATION SUISA Awards 2021 of each CHF 3.000 went to:

  • Category Lyrics & Beats ⎪ MAIRO (GE) with «kill bill»
  • Category Electronic ⎪ NORIA LILT (FR) with «T R C»
  • Category Pop ⎪ JODOQ (ZH) with «Hunch»
  • Category Rock ⎪ BATBAIT (ZH) with «In Fiction»

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